Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Baby, New Work on the Horizon

How do you raise a family and continue to nurture yourself and your passions? It's obvious that in order to be a good parent you must continue to take time for you but that's easier said than done.

Each time I've been pregnant and raising an infant, I have turned inward with no desire to pick up a camera or converse with that part of who I am. My focus is always so intently pointed at one thing and one thing only, this new life I've created. I don't make a conscious choice to let it go, it just happens. This time was no different. In fact this time, it was worse. Thankfully, my desire to focus on a new body of work is beginning to stir inside.

I can't pick up my previous work from where I left off though, because my life feels drastically different. The focus of my previous body of work was on a very tumultuous time in my life and thankfully, the pieces seem to be slowly fitting back into place. For now, the health scare we fought for two years, is now being managed with excellent care.

So how does one manage to continue to develop creatively when raising a young family? For me, I will need to shoot more often until a new body of work reveals itself. At that point, I can begin to research my ideas and shooting again with purpose. For now, I'm not putting any pressure to make that happen too quickly. Instead, I'm allowing myself to shoot with an instamatic camera of sorts. I've recently joined the plethora of folks using instagram. I'm shooting snapshots and loving the freedom of shooting without boundaries. It's stirring up my passion and it's, dare I say it, fun! For me, it's just a way to let loose. I don't plan on publishing any of those shots here, I'll save this venue for my "real" work. (That statement is a can of worms just waiting to be opened.)

If you are using instagram, I'd love to follow you. Find me with the user ID, mothervsartist.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

While I was away...

While I have been on hiatus from blogging, I made this beautiful baby girl. She is the perfect addition to our family of three boys. 

Please comment if you read this and let me know if you're still out there and interested in this blog picking back up and continuing.

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