Friday, February 26, 2010

Parenting and Photography

I named this blog mother vs. artist for a reason, one I haven't talked about yet. I find as an artist and educator that there is some serious prioritizing that has to happen to make "it" ALL happen. Recently I made the decision that I needed to begin to put my work out there, no one most certainly would be looking for me if I wasn't making the effort. I had in the past  been seriously debilitated by my own mind, stopped dead in my tracks by the overwhelming number of amazing artists and photographers flooding my computer screen daily. I am after all a perfectionist and have found it difficult to let go of that nagging feeling that I'm not good enough. This doubt is not abnormal, really it's been with me for 33 years. Confidence is something I'm working on.

So how does this relate back to parenting?

The balance that one must achieve is difficult to manage but I am far more productive when I am seriously overwhelmed then when I am not. That's why and how I can be an artist, an educator and a mother.
At times one part of my life has to give so the balance can redistribute itself where necessary. I do at times feel I need to make more of an effort to spend more quality time with my children. When that pot has been refilled I realize I must refill my photographic kettle and so I make more effort there. (I've been putting in so much effort teaching so that hasn't been lacking.)

I also believe that as a community of artists we need to accept and support each other, which is something I see happening and it's a beautiful thing. Allowing our lives to become part of our work is often the easiest way to blend the two when necessary. It's so common now to see both men and woman using their family or children as subject. It was always there, but never to this extent.

It feels good to know that there are so many artists looking to support each other. I hope the supportive communities we are creating for one another continue.

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