Friday, November 5, 2010

Seriously. Part 1.

I've been away for so long, I have so much to say and I have no idea where to start. Lucky for you, it's has been so long. I will try and divide it all up neatly, box it, wrap it, stick a bow on top, and give it to you in a few different posts. (No, I do not think what I have to say is a gift.)

It is Elizabeth Fleming who wrote, over a month ago, a poignant post right out of the book of Kristen.
I felt a little push at the moment to make the effort to get over myself, but more often than not these days, I feel depressed and unmotivated to move forward in my own career, let alone write about how uninspired I am.

I'm one of those folks that can easily argue both sides of most stories (which lends itself useless when trying to make a decision). Some days I wake up ready to conquer the world, while other days I wonder why I didn't go into nursing or some other more marketable career, and seriously consider changing directions and going into midwifery. Many days I wonder if being a "fine art" photographer is more than just a narcissistic way of living life. The market is flooded with photographers and flooded with images that are nothing more than fashionable. It's hard to say that when I realize at this point some of my images fall into that category, which goes back to my lack of quality shooting time, which is why I don't have a full-time University position, which is why I'm...

Then I'm inspired.

I'm inspired by David Bram, for making SOMETHING HAPPEN for himself. For taking an idea and turning it into a reality. To establish himself as a presence in the greater art community and giving less established artists a voice. His challenge will be to keep the work he shows fresh but I imagine he can do it.

I'm inspired by Jason Houston's series, Dying Beautifully. My need to explore death is intrigued by his work, yes, but more importantly, I'm inspired by his ability to move me to tears with his images. To make me think and see death in a way that conjures memory after memory of not only the passing of family and friends, but the birth of my own children. To make an image that moves me to think outside of myself (which some may say is impossible) and has the ability to create change in the way we consider this subject; however small or large that change may be.

As I try and figure out my next move, I keep looking for more signs and inspiration.

Thanks to all that care and who've been checking to see if I'll ever post again. ;)

Part 2: Grad school, inspiration, and seeing the light.

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