Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I discovered oitzarisme

How lovely when you come across a site you've never seen before... (love that play on words.)
While reading Lenscratch today, I came across oitzarisme, a site dedicated to Constantin Nimigean's love of Photography. I'm intrigued by his straightforward explanation of himself:

"I’m Constantin Nimigean, I’m from Bucharest, Romania, and I’m a Desktop Publisher.
I started this website in order to develop my passions for photography and advertising, also to show you, my friends, what I discover on the bright side of the internet..."

Even though the use of technology is pervasive in my life, and clearly in order to stay fresh as an educator and artist I must continue to stay abreast of the latest technologies, I'm still amazed that I'm able to discover artists halfway across the world, all from my home in Michigan. Yes, I would rather discover them in person, but now I know where to go when I get there.

...and speaking of Romanians, here's my favorite one: Alex Mandrila
(disclaimer: Alex is a former student of mine.)


  1. Thank you very much for these words, Kristen! Nice meeting you and very proud to meet Alex Mandrila, too!

  2. So lovely to meet you too. I really enjoy the place you've carved out on the web. Keep up the great work


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