Friday, March 4, 2011

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A Child's Lifetime in Fast-Forward

This is Aaron :)

I want to share with you a story, but it's not my story, this story belongs to another family.

Before I do that though, I want to get to the point of this post. I am
auctioning off one of my prints, to raise money for a family I care about deeply, so please keep reading and consider placing a bid. 100% of the money raised in this auction will go directly to the family.

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Scott and Cheryl Shepard's son was diagnosed with a fatal form of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was three. Aaron is now ten. Choosing quality of life over quantity, this fall they decided to wean Aaron off of his meds after his mind was starting to fail him. The meds had been slowing down the deterioration of his muscles, allowing him to walk but the side effect of the medication for Aaron was aggressive behavior and the deterioration of his mind. The problem with that scenario is THIS BOY IS BRILLIANT and loosing his mental capabilities was not an option for him. Together with his parents and the DMD specialist, Aaron chose to reverse the scenario: being present mentally. Within months he was in a wheelchair and now his future looks bright and creative but it will be short.

So the fast-forward button on Aaron's life was hit the day he was conceived but TIME WON'T STAND STILL for him. Friends and family members are coming together to raise money to help his family make Aaron's life more comfortable and allow him to continue to enjoy life.

You can read more about his story on his father's blog to understand this disease and what the money will be used for. Aaron and his little sister both have blogs too, which are awesome. You can find all of these links by clicking here and looking on the left side of the page.


Please consider sharing this post with friends, donating by bidding on my print or going directly to the fundraising page and donating. 100 % of all of the money collected will go directly to Aaron's family to help pay for the tremendous expenses.

Thank You.

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