Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome back, Me.

Where in the hell have I been?

I feel like I have been suffering from writer's block in all forms.
I can't finish a blog post, feeling like I have nothing to say.
I haven't picked up my camera in a few weeks.
I had a very bad interview for a job I really wanted. It was a bad interview on my part and on the part of the woman who interviewed me, asking awkward and inexperienced questions. ( One question in particular questioned why I haven't been working. This sent me in a tailspin of slight depression, grappling with how staying at home with one's children is unacceptable to mention in a first interview and yet is so undervalued...ugh, so much more to talk about on that front.)

Other things that have been happening:
We finally felt ready to adopt a new dog, so we did.
I've been dealing with trying to figure out how to pay for a trip to Review Santa Fe and buy ink for my printer to reprint my portfolio... payment due May 22.
Our basement has been flooded for the last week. I have dumped our large shop vac some gazillion times. (Yay 105 year old house.)
Because our basement is wet, wet, wet, our laundry is a mile high and we now have boxes drying all over our house.
There are so many other things that have taken my attention away from being productive but I will tell you about those when I can wrap my head around them.
Oh right, and on top of everything I still have three little boys that are wearing me out. They are wonderful, of course, but exhausting.
Stick around, there is more fun in your future. (Until then, five more days of rain in the forecast.)

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