Monday, March 11, 2013

Mike Brodie showing at Yossi Milo Gallery

I haven't seen work as good as Mike Brodie's in a very long time. The images are raw, gritty and uninterrupted by the ego of the image maker. I want to look at the work all day long. The sexual undertones are palatable, so is the trickery my thirty something brain is in trying to fool me into believing these kids are lost. These kids aren't lost, the culture of freedom is and Mike Brodie's images remind me that like a slap in the face.

I haven't asked for permission to publish his work on my blog, so please visit Mike Brodie's images on his site, at Yossi Milo, or on the Slate Behold Photo Blog.


  1. yes! those are wonderful. thanks for sharing and writing about his work.

  2. I've been finding the whole Mike Brodie story utterly fascinating. That such incredible photographs would be made by someone who is so uninterested in being a photographer is kind of humbling.

    By the way, it's nice to see you writing again. :)

  3. It's the fastest way to stardom - to portray an artist as not caring. I'm not saying anyone is doing that, and I see he was recognized a few years back too, but I'm wondering how much of that is emphasized in order to create an elusive persona.

    Don't mention I'm writing! I'll actually begin to think about writing and then I'll think too much about what I'm writing and then I'll become paralyzed and add more drafts to more "draft" folder, which by the way, is twice as big as my "published" folder. ;)


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